Manifesto of Perfection Goal Setting Month


It is now March.

  • Perhaps the New Year resolution has fallen by the wayside.
  • Maybe your a habitual goal setter, but your objectives are a bit stale and the enthusiasm is no longer there.

  • Maybe you don’t have goals at all.

I have decided for March, purely because I have got so much out of the process, I will dedicate the month to championing the benefit of goal setting.

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Goals for Spring 2015

Goals for Spring

After taking the month of March to seriously reflect on my goals, I have made time to move things forward and define what I want to do over the next three months.



Fitness and Nutrition

1) Have a weekly cooking session with girlfriend and do a low impact fitness class together.

2) Get race fit for the Spartan Sprint and Super races in July.

3) Build up to doing 10 miles of cycling per week.

4) Find a new gym to fit round work

5) Run two 5k races and a 10k race

6) Find a duathlon race for Autumn and train for it

7) Reduce sugar, alcohol and bread consumption



8) Make more cards over the summer – focus on developing skills.

9) Develop craft activity ideas for visits by niece and nephew

10) Continue to write a short book – aim to complete first draft 10,000 words

11) Begin research, set plan and set a location/venue for an event



12) Be more assertive by reading self-help books, studying people, writing a rules list and saying no more often

13) Always make time for my loved ones

14) Learn basic Portuguese – (this includes: Introductions, Basic discussion, ordering food and ordering train tickets) 



15) Develop knowledge to attain promotion by the end of 2015.

16) Start a side business to make additional income.



17) Watch less than two hours of TV a week.

18) Limit Internet usage to 1 hour per night

19) Maintain positive and negative action diary

20) Review goals in month of June

Thoughts for the next three months:

I have set a lot of goals over for the Spring months.  A part of me knows I should be cutting back and focusing on particular areas.  But the problem is I want to do too much.

In my June review – if I find that I struggling I will seriously cut down what I am doing.

I am quietly confident about some as they are a small daily/weekly routine and others are quick task to complete.

Some are quiet ambitious – these are my biggest risk of failure.

So here goes, time to get to work.


Manifesto of Perfection Goal Setting Month

Any Given Sunday: between winning and losing

Being an English gent.  I really don’t understand what is going on in (American) Football.  But I know this – it seems to make a fantastic subject for films and has some great “inspirational speech” scenes

Here is Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday.

So how does this inspire?

Whether it it sport, fitness or goal setting – this scene teaches us a lot.

When I run, I imagine Al Pacino talking about the inch – the space between me and the guy in front  I fight for those inches to catch up and and then gain inches in front of them.

The inch represents are time, every ‘inch’ we spend investing in are goals makes us better – between Winning and Losing.

It’s not always easy – we tear ourselves apart, risking injury, exhausting ourselves and failure to achieve.

But that effort makes us a better person in the long run.

Find New Fitness Challenges: If not now? When?

fitness  One of my main fitness goals has been to find new fitness challenges.

After having a prevailing foot injury, I thought I was going to end up finding an activity that would not put pressure on the feet.

To my relief, the worst of my injuries are gone and now it is just effort to find my form.  So I came up with a few options for new fitness challenges

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How not to be a pushover

In January I set myself the goal to ‘Be more assertive’.

This was a development on a goal I had originally set called ‘Stop looking after my friends so much’.

The last few months has been a key few months – for developing the importance of this goal.  I have started my new job, but realise (and have been told) that I lack the confidence to express my opinions).


Sure there is a limit – there are people who just like to be disagreeable, but I realise that if I do not start standing up for myself, this will effect my life and by default many of my goals and aspirations.

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Why I am nowhere nearer to organising an event.

Last year I set the goal to ‘Organise an Event’

When I reviewed my goals in January, I had not even decided what I actually want to organise.

I realise why I am continuing to fail and make very little progress.

This comes down to two reasons:

1) The goal is too vague.

2) My own aversion to risk means I struggle to pull the trigger on organising an event.

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Make time for your loved ones

So much to do in a day, yet so little time to work on my goals.

If I have been out with Vicky, talked to my mum, gone walking with my dad or helped out my brother, I can forgive myself for shirking on my goals.


“Always make time for your loved ones.  They are your life and the reason you strive to be more…..”


Manifesto of Perfection – Goal Setting Month