The Post mid Year Resolutions

The Manifesto was inspired by New Years resolution goals, with the aim of making my hopes, dreams and targets a reality.  This blog was here to log my progress and keep me accountable.

Today I am being accountable – I have lost focus, with the pressure of work, the nights getting darker and time spent with the new girlfriend I have found my self-improvement goals have suffered

So I came up with a list of things I want to do:

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Flying spitfires in Moncton, Canada, 1941

I have taken to sharing my photographs on this site.  However in honour of Rememberance Day, I decided to share some photos taken by my grandfather.



As I have a love for Canada, I decided to share photos that were taken on the train in Canada and in the town of Moncton, where he underwent training to fly a spitfire.



Are they doing burpees? – Must run in the family.



Barrack view at Moncton canada

bunks eric woodhouse and lol (question mark) westcott

The barracks




Canada 1941 canadascenary1 canadascenary2  canadascenary5 canadastreetscene canadatowerbuilding  churchincanada

Various scenary


There were stories my grandfather crashed his plane.  I hope he wasn’t taking a photo while flying!




 A horse and cart

   house Main street of barracks - Moncton 1941   monctonscenary1

More scenary – Canadians if you recognise any of these places let me know.

 streetscene train train2 train3 trainbridge trainscenary canadianpacific2816

Train appreciation

Front end of train - 4 carriages from rear, Canada 1941 at 50 mph

Taken from 4 carriages to the rear at 50 mph.

militaryguygroupphotowill on bike

Various people met on the journey.

In the middle photo my grandfather is the one sat down on the furthest to the left.

View from Barracks - Moncton, Canada 1941 monctonscenary2View from train - Canada 1941 Dec

It looks pretty cold – we have no right to complain in the UK!


Going to Moncton to replicate these photos were I can is on my ‘bucket’ list.  Thanks for viewing these photos.


Donald Wilson

My angry year

“You’re a person who loses their temper easily…”

When a boss said that to me, I thought that was not like me at all.  I am pretty well laid back and from that statement I realised they did not know me at all.

Ironically I left the room in an angry state, then again they knew how to push my buttons.

Things continued throughout the rest of the year and occasionally I got angry.  It became clear that I had a problem with my emotions when I lost it during a meeting with the horrible boss.  I was just frustrated, I was not being listen to and I felt my skills were under utilised.  I was between punching them or crying – both would not result in great outcomes so I stormed out of the room.

I realised I had changed, I was an angry person, but what happened?

  • Perhaps it was my frustration that I was doing a job I was over qualified for.
  • Or that it had been years since I had any prospects with a woman.
  • My social life and hobby composed of going to the gym.

And this is why I was unhappy.

I did not want to be that person anymore, I wanted to go back to being the relaxed guy, the joker in the office.  And instead of being told that I had a short temper, I wanted to go back to being described as a ‘calming influence’

2013 was my angry year.

2014 was the year I would change and that is how the manifesto was born.

I used to be angry…

But then I thought “What do I have to be angry about?”

The Resolution Overview 23-10-2014

As I begin working on my post mid-year resolutions I decided I really need to keep a record of how I am meeting these goals.  So I decided to write an overview every so often to detail how I was getting on and talking about site stuff in general.

Go out and take more photographs

My camera now comes with me to work and I go out at lunch time to take photos.  Nothing too inspiring so far – though on my day off I drove past farm land and spotted a kestrel on the hunt.  It gracefully hover over the field and was still so I could get a shot, so I pulled over, admired it, then realised my camera was in my work bag… shit.

Get a new job

I have a job interview in November.  I have stopped applying, I should really keep up with that

Help girlfriend live a healthier lifestyle

My girlfriend keeps saying she is going to the gym.  She is still refusing to do work on her upper body as “it makes her shoulders click”.  I think I need to do stuff with her.

Stop looking after my friends so much

I have given friends lifts, but this is on the way to my own home.  I have thought about this objective – it may be better summed up by looking at my assertiveness, being able to say no to things that do not suit me.

Make own christmas cards

It is weird making christmas cards in october, but I am selling some at a charity event at the beginning of November.  Half a dozen so far, set target of 18.  Symptom of making christmas cards so early is feeling jolly and having christmas tunes going round my head.

Rehab my injuries and get back my fitness/motivation

I have taken my first active steps to sort my foot out.  Booked into see the doctor, lets see what happens next

Get rid of some of the clutter in my home (sell it)

I have become working on removing clutter from my home.  I have taken some items to shops and got some cash which has been useful for supporting my financial objectives.

Overall one of the downsides of having so many objectives, a full time job, a gym schedule and a girlfriend is fitting it all in.  At the moment I feel exhausted.

101 posts later…

Another 50 posts later…

It seems crazy that I was congratulating myself for managing to reach 50 posts 3 months ago.  100 posts seemed so far off and yet here I am - still coming up with content idea and maintaining a regular posting schedule.


I started the Manifesto of Perfection based on one simple goal

“Just write something”

But what should I write?  It took me a few days but then I realised I needed to follow the most basic guidance in the writers playbook

“Write what you know”

This was advice that just seemed… perfect.  I was wanting to achieve more from my life, so it seemed logical that I should write about self-improvement

I got out a notepad and created a scatter diagram about what I would write about.  There was probably about 20 posts worth of stuff – a dozen have made it onto the blog, the rest stuck in draft purgatory.

These ideas fell into for main themes:

  • Fitness - how I wanted to look and feel better
  • Nutrition - how I wanted to follow a better diet
  • Money - how I wanted to improve my job prospects and financial situation
  • Creativity - how I wanted to use my creative skills more
  • Sex - how I wanted to get back into the relationship game

I had developed the maintain categories I wanted to talk about.  So I decided the best approach was to create a manifesto to help me achieve what I want.

The hardest parts…

The difficult bit was continuing to write after my main initial ideas about self-improvement had been posted.  Some weeks it was a struggle and some posts make me question the relevance to my original idea – but I realise that a blog is an evolving platform that represents the writers journey through their topic.

I call this site the Manifesto of Perfection because it was a guideline to become a better person and how I planned to get there.  But it became more, it became a place for me to philosophises, talk about my struggles and my successes.

So thanks for joining me – I have developed my goals since starting up and perhaps by the 200th post I will have moved on further.

New to the site?  Read this page to see some of my favourite posts.

You’re never too old to learn new things

Recently someone I worked with left.

He is 65 and I assumed he was retiring.  Perhaps spending his time going on holidays or filling out the newspaper crossword.  But as it turns out he isn’t.

He is taking up consultancy work and in September he is undertaking a short course at University that will give him the ability to specialise in a new area of expertise in what has already been a long, succesful career.

In some ways I thought it was insane that he was still willing to invest in himself at that age.  But it made me realise – you are never too old to learn new things.

In many ways being an old, but respected and experienced at his craft I would have thought that he would be the one teaching others.  But he is fully comfortable in himself to keep his ego in check and recognise that there are gaps in his skills he needs to explore.

How many of us would do that?

How many of us would do that, if we were going to retire in a year or two?

Once school has finished, so many of us get a job, get a house and a family and are happy to coast through life only taking opportunities if they happen to fall into our lap.

We think that we know enough or we can’t be bothered working as hard anymore.  We don’t want to risk change and are unwilling to push the limits of our potential.

It’s important to realise you are never too old to learn new things – whether this is for career development or our personal life.  We can increase our skills, knowledge and as a result open up new opportunities.

It is never too late to set yourself some objectives you would like to achieve.

Here are some ideas to inspire you:

Life is short – here is a story about wasted potential

Now sure how you can challenge yourself?  Read about habits you should adopt

How about reading about inspiring people?  Here is my review about Jessica Ennis’ Unbelievable

Whatever happens – Don’t quit

How many notepads does a blog writer need?

It’s my first real effort at getting rid of some of my stuff and compared to previously I have decided to be more pragmatic in how I choose to clear my possessions out.

I may need this one day…

“How many notepads does a blog writer need?” I think, as I clear out a draw full of items related to writing.  This is not to be mistaken with the draw next to it, which is full of sketchpads and drawing materials.  It’s depressing as I realise my writings are like a mausoleum full of unfinished ideas and broken dreams.

The notepads come from all over, jotted ideas recorded on company property, shopping lists from my parents home or pads I had to buy on impulse as something needed writing and I had nothing handy.  Now they occupy the draw.

From research, I realise I am a bit of a hoarder.  Things would be worse if I didn’t find big clear out theraputic.  The notepad hoarding falls into the category of “I may need this one day”, but I remind myself of my original question and although I hate waste, half a dozen scratty notepads fill the bin.

The clear out is an education in my personal development as I look at past goals long forgotten.  I realise I have treated my self-improvement as a tick list, once completed moving onto the next idea.

There are scraps of wrapping paper and used envelopes that I decided to keep – they would be useful when I sold all this crap on ebay. Like I would ever make time for that! So in the bin they go.

There are lots of wires – phone chargers and outdated IT equipment.  I make hard decisions as I debate whether a USB extension lead is needed. I imagine an unlikely scenario where I set some IT equipment up and find the USB cable is not long enough.

I realise I am going back to the “I may need this one day” hoarder logic and chuck it away. So I decide if there is anything I may need one day, then I will just buy a new one.

Filling the void…

I am also guilty of being a hoarder-consumer, as so much of my clutter was purchased on impulse. “If I buy this, it will make me happy.”  And yet they never did, thankfully in recent years I have cut down this habit as money becomes tight and I realise they never quite give me the satisfaction I desire.

So I clear out a load of CDs and DVDs from under my bed, which were bought on impulse to fill the void – giving me a couple of hours pleasure at best.

I dig out an Insanity boxset, borrowed from a friend.  I guess they never got big fitness results out of it as they never asked for it back.  Perhaps one day they will find what works for them, for me fitness DVDs have nothing on going to the gym, so I put it in my car, ready to return.

I really got into reading the Rebus novels by Ian Rankin, despite not being a big fiction reader. So I bought the whole collection instead of working through one book at a time. I got bored with reading and so they occupy a large space.  I could get rid of them but decide to challenge myself to read them.

Cleaning clutter is a motivator…

Another draw is a hidden archive of my achievements – a graduation photo, a note from my old school to say I had won the history prize and a newspaper cutting of my first 5k race win.  I feel good inside and it reminds me what I can do with drive and hardwork.  I don’t want to throw these away, so I create a little scrapbook to show off my achievements.

I come across documents and a portfolio from my old job – it streched my potential and made me feel angry that I no longer get challenged in my current role.  This makes me more motivated than ever to find a new job.

There are medals from various races scattered about the house.  As a child I was so envious of a friend who had lots of sports trophies and medals on display, yet as an adult I have all these medals, but do not show them off.  I make a note to create a display for them.

So much effort, yet so much still to do…

I assemble a big pile of stuff to sell, delibratley leaving them in an intrusive place so that I do not forget about them.  This will remind me to get rid of them.

It’s getting late, dust is flying and there is still lots to clear.  Guess I will sort the rest out tomorrow.


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